Virginie Gallégo and Fabien Desportes founded the label Gallégo-Desportes in 1993, just after finishing fashion design high school. Virginie is the Yin to Fabien Yang, each ones intervention molding with the others action.
Textiles are the starting point for each collection. Selected fabrics are often from the male world, basic, high quality. Virginie and Fabien select fabrics from European makers, with exclusive designs sometimes.

Some items are mixing new fabrics and vintage textiles (old time bedsheets, scarves, printed cloths, striped mattress cloths, ...) rich in memories.

The garments , produced in France, find inspiration in antique shapes, from workwear or traditional clothing. Comfort is always at the heart of the subject. Geometry, ever present in all designs, shows the precision of garments.The simple allure hides the precise and detailed structure of each design.

Virginie & Fabien work with sincerity, for comfort and longlife garments.