AVN is the definitive capsule Collection of our current times.

A small Collection focused on the next trend of the market.

Few icon items easy to buy and easy to sell, designed by Gianfilippo Gherardi, son of a well known designers family, with a long and deep experience in contemporary fashion trends.

Every seasonal Collection came out from a deep and accurate study of worldwide trends and clues.

AVN is internationally aimed to fulfill the desires and the needs of key clients that want to add a sort of «new wave» to their offer,

Every Collection is based on a focused research of materials and shapes that address a modern contemporary answer to what will be in the next consumer minds.

AVN was introduced at White Milan Trade Fair 2014 with a strong italian success (more than 100 top italian clients placed relevant orders) and a strong interest from Far East clients (30 key clients from Japan, HK and Taiwan).

On the price point the AVN Collection adopts a price policy based on high quality delivered at human prices with an average price around 100 Euro (wholesale price).