Concreteness, awareness, off-kilter modularity: HACHE is dry, efficient, anti-romantic, but contradicts its own mechanical language with a playful spirit and injections of the unexpected.

The collection was launched in 1995. Manuela Arcari conceives it as a playground, channeling both eclecticism and experimentalism without forsaking the quest for pureness that’s integral to her view of modernist designer. A woman who creates womens’wear, but also a pragmatic dreamer, she built a character who is real, not fictional, living real-life, concrete situations. For this polymorphous woman, Manuela creates a style that is both compact and articulated. Garments that turn from mere coverings into tools of expression. Design is pure; clean lines, however, get electrified, be it for the intense, tactile textures, the abstract prints, the vibrant colors. The touch is organic, unpredictable; the tone free and metropolitan.

HACHE defines an assertive wardrobe that can be disassembled and reconfigured according to individual will: each piece, in fact, morphs to the wearer’s personality. Shirts and outerwear are central to the offer. The urgency of surface decoration is replaced by subtlety; hidden details, the grain of the fabric, the shortcircuit between fabric and form create a new tension, at once severe and playful.

HACHE boldly contaminates languages and genres, combining seduction with precision. The collection is entirely made in Italy; painstaking attention to detail expresses both seasoned knowledge and skilled savoir-faire. In this frame of industrial/artisanal perfection, inventions and deliberate contradictions find their own place, while excellence finds a new balance, at once off-kilter and dynamic. It is all about perfect imperfection.