Labo.art is synonymous with sober and minimal elegance. The company’s hallmark is an attentive study of volumes and their role in space expressed through the architectural design of the single piece of clothing.

The key words are: constant research.This process regards colours in all their hues, focusing on the reinterpretation of
jersey cotton in essential and modern shapes.The collection’s main concept draws from the combination of top-quality materials with clean design, and is inspired by the focal, historical moments of fashion, theatre and cinema.

The perfect balance of femininity and class creates a unique and easily recognizable style.The creative headquarters are in Berlin, the European centre of contemporary cultural experimentation, in an old liqueur factory right in the throbbing heart of the gallery district.

Labo.art’s production is of the highest “Made in Italy” standards. Its flagship store is in Milan, where the company was founded. The collection is distributed in the best multi-brand stores
all over the world.








From a family of Italian architects emerged Ludovica Diligu, founder and designer of Milan based label Labo.Art.

Growing up with structural influences and an appreciation for line, geometry, and volume, her designs are symbolically architectural.